About This Blog

I initially started this blog so that I could have some documentation apart from my immediate work that I was doing something important with my time. However, in time it's turned into a place for me to show others things that I am passionate about.

Why shiddie/shiddy?

I never really liked cool sounding names. Part of it just seems rather silly to me. So in hopes of thumbing my nose at everyone who puts a lot of value on personal monikers I figured I would adopt the silliest of all names and own it.

What you might find here:

  • My musings of living in a computing world.
  • Things I want to document for the future me who has guaranteed to have forgotten.
  • Things I don't know well enough and am learning about and exploring.
  • Explaining computer concepts in a way that would appeal to a younger me.

About Me

I live in the United States. I find a lot of gratification in learning new things, as well as distilling that information for others. As such, I try to read all my emails and will try to respond when appropriate.

I've always loved technology since I was a kid. Consequently, most of my life has been around trying to get computers to do what I want. If you feel even remotely the same way, you might find some of my posts to empathise with here, or you can contribute to the things that I work on on my Github page.

I have a degree in computer science and have been working in industry for ~6 years working a myriad of jobs from Support, Stack Developer, to a Security Engineer. If you want to hire me, you can reach out to me on Linkedin or another appropriate place for that.